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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

– Hippocrates


Your step-by-step research guide on becoming your healthiest, most sustainable, and compassionate self.

✓ Over 200 pages.
 Proven information referenced by various renowned plant-based doctors, research articles, scientific journals, documentaries.
 Covers multiple topics regarding nutrition, different types of diets, the links between diet and disease, and more!
 Full of clickable links that direct you to more credible sources on the topic you're reading about.
$19.99 USD

What's Inside?

Over 150 credible and scientific references

What You'll Learn

Beginner Basics
Healthy Lifestyle
  • How to get all your essential nutrients & principles of veganism.
  • Ingredients to look for when going vegan.
  • How to transition easily.​
  • A list of popular vegan food blogs for meal inspiration.
  • Learn about components of different diets as compared to veganism.
  • Learn how animal products contribute to chronic diseases.
  • Scientific studies referenced between animal products and poor health. 
  • Learn how to lose weight effortlessly.
  • A list of vegan food blogs for meal inspiration.
  • Infographics that show health trends.
  • Learn about the truth behind animal agriculture.
  • Find out about corrupt industry funding that is misleading.
  • An extensive list of cruelty-free brands and brands that test on animals.
  • Learn about the harsh reality of animal entertainment.
  • Why "free-range', "cage-free" and "organic" are false labels.
  • How animal agriculture contributes to world hunger.
  • How animal agriculture contributes to climate change.
  • How animal agriculture contributes to deforestation.
  • How animal agriculture contributes to water pollution and ocean dead-zones.
  • How to live more sustainably.

Ready To Get Started?


"The Lifestyle Switch is the perfect book for vegans and non-vegans. Her guide is extremely detailed. It walks you through the basics and complexities of nutrition and how to live your healthiest life. Through her comfortable writing style, she taught me more about my body and the intricacies on nutrition than I learned in biology. A MUST READ for anybody who wants to learn about the best way to take care of our bodies."

– Francesca (@PlantifullyBased)